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Damien (Photo courtesy of ‘Four Words from Dublin‘)

Welcome to ‘R.E. Public House’

Our aim is simple;  to celebrate by direct experience the great, traditional pubs of Ireland. We don’t ‘rate’ or ‘review’ pubs; that is not our intention at all. We simply enjoy the ones we consider to be the best and tell you all about it. If we encounter less than great pubs, you just won’t hear about them on ‘R.E. Public House’. By virtue of sharing our merry pub experiences here, we recommend – in our humble opinion – that you should visit these unique establishments too. We suggest to you that the pubs we include here are truly special places that go beyond the mere mechanics of serving customers.

So, what of the name ‘R.E. Public House’?

  • Well firstly it’s a simple play on words; we’re focusing on the fine, old pubs of the Republic of Ireland as that’s where we live; luckily in the land of the greatest pubs on the globe.
  • There’s no intention to explicitly exclude the great, traditional pubs of Northern Ireland. We hope to visit plenty of those too. Moreover, the pub culture in the Republic is under threat like never before; at the time of writing, the number of pub licenses here has fallen by 1,300 in the past five years. Granted, there may have historically been too many pubs in Ireland, but we want to help protect the most special ones, by celebrating their uniqueness. We are lucky to have the greatest pubs in the world and should not take it for granted.
  • And regarding that very uniqueness; the ‘R.E.’ also refers to the rarity and excellence of these truly great bars.

Angelika (Photo courtesy of ‘Four Words from Dublin‘)

So, we hope you enjoy coming along with us on the tour! We look forward to sharing thoughts, comments, experiences and ideas with you regarding the fine pubs of Ireland and their many faces & tales. For starters, if you can recommend anywhere in particular that you think we should visit, please do let us know your ideas. One thing’s for sure; we won’t be short on material!

Damien & Angelika,  January 2011.

T: @republichse

E: republichse@gmail.com

W: www.republichouse.info

Special thanks to all our friends & family for the many, great recommendations on pubs to visit and to Ciara Moran (www.ciaram.com) for web design support.


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